Traditionally Indian cuisine is enjoyed as a few small dishes instead of one central dish. We recommend you have fun sharing your dishes; mix your order from the different sections of the menu and complete your meal with some naan and raitas. This is just a taste of what is available at Bhang.

Small Plates $5-12

Bombay Nuts vv
Spiced Mixed Nuts

Gunpowder Fries gf vv

Spinach and Paneer Samosas v
w/ tamarind and date chutney

Crispy Spinach Chaat gf vvo
Battered spinach leaves w/ tamarind yoghurt

Salads $9-12

Minted Lamb Kofta gf
salad with lettuce and fragrant yoghurt dressing.

Sprouted Kachumber vv gf
Tomatoes, cucumber, mixed sprouts, coriander, lime and papadum

Raitas & Chutneys $3

Classic cucumber + mint raita v gf

Beetroot raita w/ yoghurt and curry leaves v gf

Parsi green coconut chutney vv gf

Breads & Rice $3-4

Plain Naan v

Garlic Naan v

Gluten Free Naan

Steamed Basmati Rice v gf

Charcoal Oven $18-26

Classic Tandoor Lamb Cutlets gf
w/ yoghurt curry sauce

Tandoori Chicken Two Ways gf
w/ cucumber mint raita

Bathak Peri Peri gf
Goan spiced roast duck w/ spiced crushed potato

Old Monk Beef Ribs gf
Old Monk rum-soaked beef ribs, slow cooked and finished over charcoal

Vegetarian $15-18

Mast Biryani 
Dum Biryani w/ chickpeas, sweet potato, tomatoes and paneer.

Bharwan Vanghi gf vv n
Chargrilled stuffed eggplants w/ peanuts, coconut and coriander

Gobhi Korma gf n
Charcoal roast cauliflower w/ almonds, raisins, honey and yoghurt

Curries $17-23

Uru Mas gf
Sri Lankan Portuguese influenced braised dark pork w/ lemongrass, cinnamon and cardamom

Chemmeen Chertha gf
South indian curry w/ prawns, green papaya, tomatoes, cumin and coriander

Kolhapuri Tambda Rassa gf
Rich red lamb neck curry from Maharashtra

Kori Gassi gf
Spicy chicken coconut and tamarind curry

Dessert $5-9

Gulab Jamun v n
w/ rosewater syrup, cardamom ice cream & pistachios

Sweet Samosas v n
w/ ricotta, chocolate, pistachio & pomegranate molasses

Falooda Ice Cream Sundae v
w/ strawberries, rosewater, whipped cream and yoghurt

v - vegetarian
vv- vegan
gf - gluten free
n - contains nuts
o - optional