Our next Thali Nights dinner will be Sept 17th.

We will be visiting the south Indian region of Chennai. Featuring fiery meat dishes and traditional veg curries bursting with flavours of chilli, coconut and tamarind!

See below for further information regarding our Thali Nights.



For only $30 per person we will serve you up a Thali platter (veg or non-veg) with a varied selection of small dishes inspired by the many different regions and cuisines of India, focusing on fresh and light flavours. This is the perfect opportunity to come and try Bhang's unique take on Indian food, or for regulars to try new and one-off dishes served on Thali nights only.


On your Thali plate you can expect some of the following:

Street snacks & bites

Dahl, curries

Salads, pickles

Pulao, pappas, puris

Raitas, chutneys

Indian sweets


Bookings essential.